Heavy equipment handling

Pelichet truck transporting equipment.

We offer a team of dedicated staff who specialises in the movement of machines and other heavy-duty equipment

Pelichet provides a team of operational staff who specialises in moving heavy machinery that weighs between 100kg to 15 tonne.

Our foremen, team leaders, warehouse staff, forklift and truck drivers are experienced and trained in the specificities and constraints of moving industrial machinery. We are fully skilled to use heavy-duty machines and to follow the necessary safety procedures required.

Our operational staff will move your industrial equipment with accurate precision.

Pelichet runs heavy-duty handling operations on a daily basis.

Pelichet has years of experience and regularly assists a wide variety of businesses including watch factories, banks and other industrial companies. The means of handling are adapted to the characteristics and the sensitivity of the specific production tool.

Our services for handling your heavy-duty equipment:

A team specialising in handling heavy and industrial equipment.

Specific tools and equipment: elevators, forklifts, trucks, etc.

Implementation of safety standards and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Handling of medical, industrial and machine tools.

Handling of safes and upright or grand pianos.

Handling of compressors, air conditioning and heating cabinets.

Provision of lifting equipment (cranes, boom lifts, etc.).

Pelichet, experts in heavy-duty equipment handling


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The safety of your equipment and our operational staff is our top priority. We have an effective quality chart in place and all our employees are trained to prevent any incidents.

Your equipment are protected and the handling is done according to strict guidelines to ensure its protection.

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We have more than 40 years of experience in heavy-duty handling, especially for the most prestigious watchmaking brands.

We have moved many brands to the Geneva High Watchmaking Campus in Meyrin.


We use quality equipment, suitable for all types of machines and various loads:

Pallet trucks from 1,500 kg to 5,000 kg

Pal-Bac from 750 kg to 1,000 kg

Gantry crane

Electric hoist

Lift tables

Hydraulic cylinders

Rack jack

Heads and pads

Forklift trucks from 1,000 kg to 13,000 kg


Pelichet transport robot in transit.