International removals - Pelichet CH
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International removals


The Pelichet Group offers removals services worldwide.

Thanks to its world-class services and competitive prices, the Pelichet Group positions itself as a leader in international removals.

The Pelichet Group assists you and takes care of your move, wherever the destination.

The safety of your belongings is our priority!

Your belongings are carefully packed by qualified teams of movers, in packing materials specially created for international transportation. Your furniture and fragile belongings are wrapped and protected with blankets and placed in consolidated boxes designed for exporting. As for your artworks and fragile items, specific padded crates are made.

The Pelichet Group is affiliated to FIDI, a global organisation which delivers the prestigious FAIM Plus quality accreditation.

2018 New Year’s Special

Save up to 800CHF on your removals if you store your goods in our warehouse*.

Move with the Pelichet Group, whatever your destination!

With over 125 years’ experience, the Pelichet Group has built a global network and work with reliable partners accredited by the most stringent international standards. We offer services of high quality standards, everywhere in the world.

The key steps of your international move

1. First contact

First contact

Following your quote request, a Pelichet representative will contact you directly via telephone.

2. Technical survey and advice

Technical survey and advice

A sales person will come to your house to advise you on the best suited solutions for your needs.

3. Quote


Get your quote within 48 hours.
Request a quote >>

4. Insurance


Pelichet offers you the best All-risk insurance.

5. Customs formalities

Customs formalities

Pelichet takes care of customs and administrative documents before packing your effects.

6. Packing and loading

Packing and loading

Our movers carefully pack your personal effects in ecological boxes for optimal protection.

7. Transport


Track your personal effects online at your own convenience

8. Offloading and unpacking

Offloading and unpacking

Our professionals are at your disposal to assemble your furniture and do all necessary connections.

Our services for your move overseas

Packing material delivery

Book necessary parking reservations

Protect floors during the move

Dismantling and assembling of furniture

Furniture protection

Professional packing of fragile items

Transportation via air padded trucks

Customs formalities on departure and arrival

Loading and offloading

Unpacking of fragile effects

Unpacking of all effects

Making crates for fragile items

Packing non-fragile items

Items display

Assembly of new furniture

Piano or safe transportation

Secure transport of artwork

Dismantling and installation of light fittings

Connecting appliances

Cleaning after the move

Photography of artworks


Small plumbing and electricity jobs


  • Pelichet European liftvan

    In order to facilitate your move in urban areas, Pelichet created the European liftvan. This small sized container enables us to manoeuvre the load better, in smaller spaces and in urban road infrastructure.

  • The Sofrapack

    The sofrapack is a cardboard box mounted on a pallet, complying with all export conditions. Ecological, ultra-light and made of recyclable cardboard, it is adaptable to the mode of transport.

  • Groupage

    Enjoy unbeatable value for money with our group moves. Save costs by grouping your moves together. Book on our partner, AGS Movers, online platform.