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Pelichet attends Swiss-African Business Circle event

The Pelichet Group attended the Swiss-African Business Circle (SABC) Greetings evening on 31 January in Bern, Switzerland. The evening was very rewarding as many distinguished guests were present. We had the pleasure of meeting many ambassadors, ministers and business leaders, as well as clients we’ve assisted with moves to Africa in the past.

The Pelichet Group has been a partner of the SABC for many years. The SABC facilitates business contacts and relationships between Switzerland and Africa, and offers a unique platform for the exchange of experiences, projects and ideas. It allows for collaborations and the opening of new business perspectives between the different members.

A pioneer in Africa, our group became the first private company to be physically established in each of the 54 African countries in 2016. For more than a quarter of a century, the Pelichet Group has built strong relationships with Africa and numerous encounters have taken place on a daily basis. With 140 branches and partners, the Pelichet Group carries out countless moves to and from Africa.

We are really excited to continue to develop our business and partnerships with the African continent.