Plan your move abroad – Checklist

Pelichet, a company specialising in removals since 1891, has perfected its services to make your move as simple and efficient as possible. Start plan your move with this checklist.

Enjoy your move!

3 months before:

Terminate your lease

Book your transport tickets, your hotel at destination and a rental car if needed.

Empty the attic, cellar or garage.

Sort and discard items you no longer need.

Choose a mover.

Make an appointment for your technical visit.

Ensure that your passports are valid and if necessary that your visas are in order.

Initiate the process for your residence permits.

Inform your lawyer, your notary and take copies of your wills.

Inform your banker of your projects so that your accounts can be transferred easily.

Inform your doctor and make sure you get your medical records and reports.

Ensure that all your immunizations are up to date.

Also ask your doctor to give you a temporary prescription if needed.

Retrieve your dental records from your dentist.

If you are taking your pets, ask about the quarantine procedures, the vaccinations for the country of destination; Specific medical certificates are usually required.

Make arrangements to transport your pets.

Sell your car or make arrangements to export your vehicle in accordance with the customs formalities in force in the country of destination.

If you have children, notify the school, pick up or have the school records transferred to the new school.

Find out about the proximity of schools to your new home.

1 month before:

Terminate subscriptions: water, electricity, telephone, internet, magazines, newspapers, sports club, cable television, etc.

Inform the administrations and the following individuals of your move and send them your new address to forward your mail: bank, tax administration, embassy, clubs, relatives, friends, schools, insurers, mutual insurance company, etc.

Confirm the date of your removal.

If you plan to move your electrical devices, check the voltage in the destination country.

Pick up all devices from a repairman.

Make sure that you have insurance to cover any eventualities: liability, personal and medical insurance.

Before packing anything, make an inventory of all your goods in case you need to claim from your insurer later and take photos of your goods if possible.

During the technical visit

Confirm the date of packing.

Confirm the expected delivery date.

Discuss the formalities and documents required with your removal advisor.

Inform your removal advisor of any valuable items requiring the utmost care during packing and transport.

Inform your advisor of the articles to be transported by sea and by air.

Find out about the required storage volumes.

Find out about transit insurance.

Provide a phone number on which you can be contacted at any time.

Communicate your temporary or permanent address abroad to your advisor.

2 weeks before the removal

Choose the personal items that you wish to pack yourself.

Identify the value items like your jewellery and the personal items that you wish to transport yourself.

Make sure that you keep your plane tickets, the hotel reservation if applicable, passports and other documents in a safe place.

If you have a garden, empty your watering hoses, wind them carefully.

Prepare garden tools for packing, lawnmowers must be emptied of their oil and gas.

3 days before the removal

Save all documents from your computer to an external hard drive.

Unplug the electrical appliances.

Clean your refrigerator with a powerful disinfectant to prevent mold during travel.

Arrange a meeting to return the keys of the previous address.

Collect your family record book and/or your birth certificates.

Ensure someone is available to look after your children and/or pets on the day of the removal.

Check that all your storage lockers (school, sports club, etc.) have been emptied.

Carefully dispose of oils, paints, aerosols and other toxic and flammable products.

1 day before the removal


Clear a working area for the packers.

Ensure you have all the requisite documents for your travel (passport, visa, customs documents, inventory…).

Make sure there is enough space in the parking lot for the removal truck.

Prepare your « emergency kit » with all the items that you will need on arrival.

The day of the removal

Plan your meal.

Ensure you are present during the packing and removal for possible questions.

Let the movers pack your belongings.

Stay with the packing team leader to identify articles that need special attention.

Sign the packing list and keep a copy for your delivery.

Indicate to the removers what you will need first so that they can load it last.

At the end of packing, check every room with a supervisor and make sure that everything is packed and loaded in the truck.

Ask for information about the local agent and the transporter at destination.

Give your address and phone number at destination.

Take all the precious items with you.

Make sure you have locked the windows and doors.

Ensure you have all the necessary documents for your travel (passport, visa, customs documents, inventory…).

At the arrival

Notify the destination agent of your arrival.

Complete the custom formalities and set a delivery date to your home or at the storage facility.

Register your vehicle.

On moving day

Try to be at home the day before the arrival of the moving truck.

Check if the amenities are plugged in.

Visit the place again to ensure you optimise the spaces for the furniture.

Once the movers have arrived, check the items that will be unloaded on your inventory list.