The quality commitments of Pelichet

Quality and Innovation are the principles of Pelichet. They are incorporated in the corporate culture. Our objective is to offer to our customers an impeccable quality of service through the training of its staff, obtaining quality certifications and a forward-looking company policy.

Pelichet seeks to provide all the human resources and material support necessary to successfully carry out the projects of its clients.

Certifications: a guarantee of quality

Pelichet integrates the highest quality standards of the removal industry in all aspects of its business.

The quality of Pelichet Switzerland’s services is recognized by the ISO 9001: 2015 certification and the FAIM Plus accreditation.

Pelichet has been a certified member of the Magellan Circle since 2011. The Magellan Circle aims to specifically address the issues related to international human resources. Providers who have received the Magellan Quality Label are considered “safe”.

One of the founding members of OMNI and a member of FIDI, Pelichet is recognized for its level of quality and professionalism.

Pelichet is also accredited LACMA (Latin American & Caribbean Movers Association), AGED (association of leading moving companies), and VSU (Swizz association of moving companies).


All Pelichet staff, from movers to management, are qualified and trained to the highest standards of our industry. Pelichet has developed a training program both internally and externally, notably through FIDI training courses but also with the professionals with whom Pelichet works.

Privacy Policy

Pelichet has been committed to ensuring the confidentiality of its clients’ information for more than 125 years.


Pelichet is constantly innovating in all areas and is committed to providing the most efficient tools necessary for its business.

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