The societal and environmental commitments of Pelichet

Green Pelichet leaf graphic.

The Pelichet Group pays particular attention to the preservation of the environment.

Protecting the planet is a priority for the company, which mobilizes all performers of its activity in order to transmit good environmental practices to them and reduce their carbon footprint.

Environmental protection is an important development for the Pelichet Group. Our company is involved in a series of commitments.

Pelichet, a responsible group

See below a report circulated by television channel, Léman Bleu.

Concrete actions of the Pelichet Group aiming to reduce its impact on the environment.

The Pelichet Group has put in place the following measures:

Internal awareness campaign on environmental protection

Waste sorting and recycling

Recycling ink cartridges

Use of quality packaging material that can be reused

Regular and preventive review of the entire vehicle fleet

Automobile waste processing

Fleet of vehicles meeting the EURO 5 standard

Use of low-energy bulbs

Email communication to reduce the amount of paper used

Packaging export under American covers

Use of recycled and recyclable cardboard for all its removals

Transport of maritime containers for import and export by railway

The United Nations Global Compact

The Pelichet Group has decided to support the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact in order to apply within its sphere of influence a set of fundamental values in the following areas:

Human rights

Labor Rights