Vehicle Transfer – Moving Vehicles


Are you planning to move your vehicle abroad?

Whether it is personal vehicles or larger commercials vehicles, Pelichet ships thousands of vehicles each year in international, ro-ro or container transport.

Whether you ship your vehicle alone or as a part of a removal, the Pelichet Group makes sure to select the cheapest and most suitable option to transport it safely. Our consultants, qualified and attentive, guide you through every step of the process. We take care of all administrative and customs formalities as well as the routing at destination

Ship your vehicle overseas with complete safety

Key steps for the transfer of your vehicle

1. Tips and Quotes

Tips and Quotes

Whatever your destination, Pelichet has the solution to ship your vehicle.
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2. Loading your vehicle

Loading your vehicle

From your home, your vehicle is loaded into a custom container.

3. Transportation and Customs Clearance

Vehicle Transportation

Be sure to follow our recommendations below. Pelichet handles all the paperwork.

4. Delivery to destination

Delivery to destination

After clearance, Pelichet delivers your vehicle directly to your new home.

8 tips to get your vehicle ready for its move.

Pelichet recommends to follow these guidelines for the transfer of your vehicle:

Keep the minimum of fuel into the tank (less than ¼) for safety reasons.

The battery of your vehicle must be completely charged, in order to stay charged for the duration of the trip.

To avoid battery consumption, disable your vehicle alarm system.

To avoid a mechanical issue on arrival, have your vehicle checked out beforehand.

Check the engine coolant and antifreeze if the climate in the country of destination is very different from the country of origin.

Wash your car a few days before the shipping. It will make r the inspection, during pre-delivery and receipt steps, easier.

Take all objects and documents out of the vehicle before the transfer.

Always keep a spare set of keys to your vehicle with you.